NACOPHA is the umbrella organization comprised of more than 10 national PLHIV networks operating countrywide. The National networks are also comprised of registered NGOs and organized groups of PLHIV at different levels.  NACOPHA has a secretariat comprising of both highly skilled technical and administrative staff who coordinate and manage resources received from donors to support implementation of the various program activities.  The secretariat staff is headed by the Chief Executive officer who oversees and provides strategic and management leadership and is accountable for managing the organization funds as well.

In addition, NACOPHA has an office space equipped with necessary office equipment that facilitates smooth coordination of PLHIV projects/programs within the country.  Moreover, NACOPHA involves PLHIV who are professional and having skills to implement its programs through the network member organizations.

NACOPHA has a wide experience in using right based approach with the aim of bringing together the right holders and duty bearers in understanding their roles and responsibilities in providing quality services. NACOPHA value greatly; involvement of youth, Women empowerment and Male involvement living with HIV as key strategies in implementing its projects.

NACOPHA in collaboration with National PLHIV networks has been able to undertake the following activities: Building the capacity of PLHIV networks to undertake advocacy, sensitization, awareness raising, community outreach and operational research as per identified needs.

Given the vast experience and capacity that NACOPHA has in coordinating and managing funds and sub grants received from the various development partners, currently, NACOPHA is managing funds received from the support of  UNAIDS, GLIA, RFE, UNFPA, UNDP, GLOBAL FUND Round 8, ACTIONAID, TACAIDS and GNP+,just to mention a few.