PLHIV Complain on the issue of drugs for opportunistic Infections being sold to them

uploaded 10/12/2015

Some people living with HIV (PLHIV) have requested the National Council of People Living with HIV (NACOPHA) to make follow up and root out the rising behavior of health facilities workers who sell drugs for opportunistic infections.

According to the national arrangements, opportunistic infections drugs for people living with HIV are provided free of charge.

These complaints were raised during the training on financial management conducted by NACOPHA with support from Global Fund to combat malaria and tuberculosis through AMREF.

With deep sorrow, some of the participants in the training; revealed that they are shocked to see drugs for opportunistic infections sold in some areas while the government has been providing ARVs and opportunistic infections drugs for free.

One of the cluster member from Muleba District Cluster in Kagera region, raised this issue.

He said that there is big problem of non dispensation of drugs for opportunistic diseases in CTC centers in that district since he has been receiving a big number of complaints from PLHIV for failing to buy drugs for opportunistic infections, which at the initial stage, were given free of charge.

Despite the fact of tabling this problem before CHAC so far, no solution was found.

The Chairman of Kiteto Cluster in Manyara region, Mr. Abubakari Mwenda, has confirmed the existence of the problem in the district hospital and him, in his capacity of CTC worker, has taken the lead to monitor in collaboration with SIKIKA project Managers in that region, in vain.

 Mr. Mwenda added that: "Recently, we made a follow up in collaboration with Sikika Project officer, DMO (District Medical Officer) who clarified that the Municipal Council claims no to have the budget meant for those drugs, and he promised to talk to his senior officers in Dar es Salaam in the near future to find out when these drugs will be available"


 NACOPHA, within the follow up process had an exclusive interview with Council Health AIDS Coordinator (CHAC) of Muleba district, Mr. Archard Rushaka who confirmed to have received the complaints and presented them in CMAC meeting whereby the DMO promised to talk to officials of hospitals concerned by the allegations so that they distribute the intended drugs free of charge. Despite these explanations, NACOPHA sought further clarifications of why these drugs are no longer provided free of charge as it was before; they were informed that the problem is more administrative since many of these hospitals are privately owned.
 "The main problem is that all hospitals in Muleba district such as Kagondo, Ndorage and Rubya are privately owned, that is why they charge for these drugs and the DMO promised to write to PLHIV with CTC cards so that they receive free medication" explained Mr. Rushaka.

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