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Welcome from Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to our NACOPHA Website. This website is a vital step for information and knowledge sharing within and outside this organization. In essence, this website is one of our communication channel to the public.

Apart from reporting NACOPHA issues and enabling the organization to communicate with stakeholders, it intends to give a voice to People Living with HIV (PLHIV) who are usually not heard. The purpose of the website is to provide education that will strengthen the drive for war against HIV and AIDS and contribute to further eradication of HIV related new infections, deaths, stigmatization and discrimination. It is my hope that stakeholders in the national and global HIV response and the people living with HIV in particular will benefit from this website and will support our endeavor. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the government and all HIV stakeholders in Tanzania for their commited engagment in HIV response.

It is approximately 33 years since the first HIV infection was reported in Tanzania. Since then, numerous efforts have been made to ensure that we have HIV free generation. Within the scope of this drive against HIV, NACOPHA has decided to develop this website which will consolidate close communication between different stakeholders and PLHIV at large.

This website will provide opportunities for PLHIV to speak up, get HIV information, education on issues related to HIV and strengthen the fight against it. I would like to conclude my remarks by urging PLHIV to value this website as their property and use it as a tool and important media in the fight for their rights and dignity. It is our expections that the Leadership of NACOPHA ,Government, Development partners, Non-Governmental Organizations, the Private sector, International community and individuals living with HIV will use this website to provide and share information on issues pertaining to the response against HIV and AIDS in the country.

Despite this website being primarily educational, we shall also include a bit of social media interaction. We warmly welcome views from our readers and stakeholders. The cooperation from stakeholders, anti-HIV and AIDS networks, PLHIV and others will be instrumental in making this website relevant and useful I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners including the donors inside and outside Tanzania, the government in general for being very supportive to NACOPHA since we started operating in 2005.

Our very special thanks go to the Global Fund for Malaria, HIV and TB which enabled us to develop the initial work for developing this website.

Deogratius Peter Rutatwa 
Chief Executive Officer
  • GNP

The National Council of People Living with HIV & AIDS in Tanzania (NACOPHA) Mbezi Beach Area, Block 'F' Plot no. 450/5 Mwai Kibaki Road, Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania