Nyamagana PLHIV Cluster established CTC pediatric club by support fromUSAID

NACOPHA through Nyamagana MC Cluster in Mwanza region identified and partnered with Sure WAVE Foundation to strengthen the established club of Children and Adolescents Living
with HIV(A/CLHIV), to provide HIV services to ensure they have a good quality of life, with the right of access to all basic of human rights like any other person. Formation of this club led to the establishment of care and treatment servicesfor Children Living with HIV at Sahwa Dispensary in Lwanhima wards at Nyamagana City Council, because before there was no specific Care and Treatment Centre (CTCs) for children.

The Club has total of 26 members (Male 10, Female 16) with the age between 2 to 17 years, establishment of this club is part of the efforts of HEBU TUYAJENGE (HT) project Treatment Advocate(TAs) from Lwanhima Wards, one of the wards reached by the project, that has significantly contributed to the detection of PLHIV, especially children, and reintroduced them
into Treatment and Care services. Nyamagana PLHIV Cluster members are providing support to the club to enable them to live a healthy life through raising awareness on HIV /AIDS, treatment and prevention of opportunistic infections, and provision of Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) to eligible patients. Evidence indicates, CTC clubs are more likely to
improve adherence to care, treatment and support services and hence improve viral load suppression rates among adolescents and children.

Through Wave Foundation in collaboration with NACOPHA the club continue to provide nutritional supplements to CLHIV on a weekly basis, and Mijadala tiba sessions integration and finalized paperwork processes to ensure all CLHIV in the club are having health insurance as the means of accessing good health services amongst CLHIV. . Sure Wave Foundation will also support 16 children out of 26 with Community Health Insurance (ICHF) which is the continuation of support to make sure Children Living with HIV access quality health services.

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