Government Applauded NACOPHA Cluster Contribution to the Community

Sumbawanga Municipal Council (MC) cluster has been struggling to get an office space for a while and decided to rent an office since 2018. Sumbawanga MC is one among the 15 clusters which are implementing HEBU TUYAJENGE project from NACOPHA Mbeya zone. There has been a very supportive and strong relationship between the cluster and the Municipal council secretariat for a couple of years, we are grateful for the continued support and collaboration from the Government.

On 15th July 2020 the total of 18 clusters participate on Treatment advocates Training (TA) held in Iringa Municipal Council at Sambala Hall, representatives from District Council (CHAC/DACC) Cluster chairperson, Deputy chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Youth representatives (Male and Female) where among the attendees of the training. Treatment Advocates were from five implementing wards from Mazwi, Majengo, Chanji, Pito and Ntendo. The aim of this training is to link PLHIVs with HTS services, Index testing, Viral load monitoring services, back lost to follow up and connecting with empowerment groups.
After TA and CCT orientation, cluster leaders with support from CHAC and DACC from Sumbawanga Municipal Council Introduced the HEBU TUYAJENGE project, its objectives and coverage as well as to introduce the trained TAs to District Community Development officer (DCDO) and District Executive Director (DED) so as to get permission for them to be introduced at their wards and CTCs for project implementation activities. Furthermore, the cluster leadership had opportunity to share the cluster office challenge they had for a while.

DED office recognized the efforts made by the Cluster on the implementation of HIV response activities, there after Sumbawanga MC DED provided a plot of land with 900 Square meters at Masufa street 7 kms from the town and he directed the Council planning officer to make sure that all the paper works including title deed from the plot are completed so as the cluster to start building their cluster office and conduct other economic activities at that plot of land.
He also promises to provide a transport support (vehicle) during implementation of project activities, since what is going to be done is the benefit of the Council residence on HIV response.

Sumbawanga MC CCT members and TAs at DED office during Hebu Tuyajenge Introduction

“On behalf of NACOPHA Sumbawanga MC cluster, i would like to address our gratitude to NACOPHA board and secretariat for bringing HEBU TUYAJENGE project to our Municipal Council. As the cluster, this is our first project that we are going to implement within our council.
We thank Sumbawanga MC secretariat for the great support we have been receiving and what we are continuing to receive in implementing HIV response activities and we promise to increase our efforts for the purpose of rescuing our generation from New HIV infections, reducing stigma within the community as well as ensuring that PLHVs are adhering to ART.
It is our believe that, During the implementation of the project activities, stigma to PLHIVs within the community will be reduced, we will bring back more lost to follow ups as well as linking more PLHIVs to ART services” Says Sumbawanga MC Chairperson Ms. Christina Mulisa
It is expected that, during the implementation of project activities at the community level in Sumbawanga MC, PLHIV will be tracked and brought back to ART for the lost to follow up, HTS services to the community, linking PLHIVs to empowerment groups as well as Viral load monitoring services as related to service within the community.

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