Increasing child enrolment to ART: A case of an abandoned 3.5 years child living with HIV

Ephrasia Lagu Mtete is a 3.5 years’ child who was born HIV positive, is a daughter of Eva Sanga (21 years old) and a Congolese long distance truck driver from Lubumbashi DRC. Ephrasia and her mother lived in Dar es Salaam since she was born and her father happened to have permanent residence in DRC and only joined the family in Dar Es Salaam en route -to transport goods to Congo DRC.

During COVID-19 outbreak in late 2019 and early 2020, the DRC/Zambia as well as Zambia/ Tanzania borders were closed and, the father who was the provider for the family in Dar es Salaam lost contact with them, making it difficult for Eva to acquire the basic needs for herself and her daughter. A person can strive your main results betfair casino promo code existing customers. Have a go with a chances having 50 casino freispiele ohne einzahlung.

Due to rent overdue and failure to meet the basic needs on her own, in October 2020, she decided to return back home in Iringa municipality (Kihesa ward) to her grandmother, Getrude Mkombwe (84 years) who is blind and very poor, surviving through  support from the ward executive office for her basic needs.

Her intension was not good as after staying for a month, she left her daughter (Ephrasia) and went back to Dar Es Salaam without telling anyone about her child’s health status and without leaving any contact with anyone back home.

In January 2021, during everyday activities from the network of HEBU TUYAJENGE  TAs, two TAs from Kihesa ward visited Getrude’s home (the grandmother) and  they saw a child who seems to have malnutrition symptoms. TA’s asked the grandmother (who is blind) if they can take the child  to the hospital for further check-ups and she agreed.

Ephrasia was then referred to the DREAM health center in Gangilonga ward in late January 2021 for further health checkups and after the results, she was found to have malnutrition and tested HIV positive. She was immediately enrolled to ART but the challenge remained to be “who will  monitor her everyday schedule of ART?”

Due to this challenge, the team of TAs, along with their cluster chairperson, visited the DCDO’s office in Iringa Municipal Council for further assistance and thereafter the department succeeded to find a guardian Marium Mufuga (45 years) in February 2021 who is married with three children from Ipogolo ward who volunteered to adopt Ephrasia and raise her as her own, hence monitor her properly on her ART progress.

The grandmother gave all her blessings to all people who came in and helped her granddaughter.

“I thank you all for your efforts in saving my granddaughter from the situation she was in, due to my condition probably I would not  be of much help but from the help from you all, I strongly believe my granddaughter is in good hands and we will continue to see each other often since she is not far away, May the Almighty God bless you All”… says Getrude

As a society, we need to rise and fall as a unit. When someone is in trouble, we must go over and beyond the call of duty to provide services to those in need and alleviate the burden of responsibility on weaker members of our society whenever possible.

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