Reunion of the Divorced Discordant Couple

Ms. Kanisia Kadege was divorced with her husband Mr. Fisto Kisakali due to her HIV status when she went for test during her second pregnancy, also she was blamed for being unfaithful in their marriage. Mr. Kisakali decided to leave his wife and children without any support and shifted to another place.

During her second pregnancy in March 2019, Mr. Fisto wanted to know the maternity development of his wife when she was three months pregnant and decided to go with her to Maternity clinic and found out that his wife has been living with HIV but she didn’t disclose her status while her husband is negative.

Ms. Kadege is a member of Njombe DC Cluster, lives at Iyendela Village at Matembwe ward in Njombe region. She is 42 yrs and has been living with HIV since 2014 and was enrolled to ART ever since, furthermore, she was married to Mr. Fisto Kisakali as the second wife and blessed with two children four years and one year, who are HIV negative due to her proper adherence to PMTC and ART.

“Thanks to Mr. Christopher Gwivaha and Ms. Evarista, we are now aware on how to live as a happy discordant couple and we promise to be good ambassadors and help others” Said Mr. Fisto

In May 2020, Mr. Christopher Gwivaha and Ms. Evarista Hongoli from Matembwe ward attended HEBU TUYAJENGE Treatment Advocates training and learnt about bringing lost to follow, HTS, Index testing and Viral load monitoring services. Through TA training they decided to visit Ms. Kanisia at her place as well as Mr. Fisto at his place and had opportunity to discuss their dispute. They convinced them to test through Index Elicitation approach at MANYUNYU CTC in Matembwe ward. After results, TAs sat down with the couple and started counseling them on living together as the discordant couple (One partner is HIV Positive while the second partner is HIV Negative). TAs convinced him to get back to his family and continue living with his wife since Ms. Kanisia is adhering to ART and it is not easy for him to get HIV infections from her.

Through all initiative the meeting was conducted on July 07,2020 Mr.Kisakali agreed to return to his family and asked for forgiveness to his wife and others people who involved in this matter. The Working team are doing follow up and monitoring the progress of this family to ensure the family is happy.

It is important for the community to know that, living with HIV does not remove the right to marriage. There is a higher number of PLHIV who are married with HIV negative partners and having the children who are HIV Negative.

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