TACAIDS Executive Director Visits to NACOPHA

TACAIDS Executive Director Dr. Leonard Maboko accompanied by other government officials, visited National Council of People Living with HIV (NACOPHA) Offices in Dar es Salaam on Thursday, 22 July 2021 as a follow up visit on the HIV response implementation progresses, to note and discuss on any encountered challenges in course of projects implementation and agree on way forward in specific areas of collaboration.

Mr. Maboko was accompanied by Director of Community Response, Ms Audrey Njelekela, Public Relation and Communication Officer, Nadhifa Omar met with NACOPHA Board Members, People Living with HIV (PLHIV) Networks (SHIDEPHA, NEDIPHA and TANOPHA), representatives from Network of Young People Living with HIV (NYP)+, Dignity and Well-being of Women Living with HIV in Tanzania (DWWT) and PLHIV clusters from Temeke, Ilala, Kinondoni, Ubungo and Kigamboni. As well representatives from Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) and Council AIDS Coordinators (CHACs)

The NACOPHA Board Chairperson, Ms Leticia Mourice Kapela shared some key success of NACOPHA on implementation of HIV response through various projects towards its contribution to the national and international 95- 95- 95 targets. Some of identified successes including increased number of men and youth access to HIV Testing Services through NACOPHA models Father to Father and Five to Five; successful conducted a cluster coordination Meeting for 179 cluster chairs, Purchase of office plot in Dodoma region, Grant for PLHIV Youth Project funded by UNICEF.

She also addressed some key challenges and urged Dr Maboko in his capacity to support NACOPHA on resolving them, these includes: – insufficient supply of condoms; implementing partners do not collaborate with clusters while implementing HIV intervention at community level; most of PLHIV had no medical insurance; PLHIV lack of capital and skills on income generation activities.

During the meeting, presentations were made briefly about NACOPHA, NYP+ and DWWT respectively where historical background, key objectives, approaches used to reach targeted beneficiaries, achievements, challenges, and recommendations where highlighted and thereafter, participants had the opportunity to discuss different issues that were raised.

Dr. Maboko thanked the Board members, Chief Executive Officer, PLHIV and Government for the good reception and participation. He pointed out the main purpose of his visit were: to learn about implementation of NACOPHA projects by PLHIV through clusters and networks; discuss encountered challenges and collectively suggest solutions for addressing the identified challenges.

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