TA’s Training on Hebu Tuyajenge Implementation

Treatment Advocates Training is part of implementation of HEBU TUJAYENGE project that is offered under special programme with the objective of enhancing programme outreach and get more PLHIV on treatment, faster. The training programme covers four zones of the project, i.e. Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Mwanza and Mbeya. The objectives of these trainings are to impart knowledge to Treatments Advocates and Cluster Coordination team on how to provide HIV support services to PLHIV including children/ Adolescent and adults as wells families who are infected and affected with HIV. Also increase support and guidance to People living with HIV/AIDS through PLHIV groups/ clubs that bring together all PLHIV with the same status, share different health information, learn, and exchange ideas like any other people in the community. Further mome, it will impact knowledge to Treatment Advocates so that, back to their communities they will create demand on HIV services. And Improve HIV testing, use of ART, Viral Suppression, reduction of HIV new infections and reinfections.
Trainers were well prepared and used different training methodologies aimed at ensuring that trainees were able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills efficiently and effectively to achieve intended project objectives.

Treatment Advocate Training for Dar es salaam zone was conducted in two phases within 15 clusters including Ilala MC, Temeke MC, Ilala DC, Temeke MC, Masasi TC, Masasi DC, Mtwara MC, Newala DC, Newala TC, Lindi DC, Lindi TC, Nachingwea DC, Ruangwa DC,Tanga CC, Moshi DC, Moshi MC and Chalinze DC; whereby a total of 150 treatment advocate were trained.The training was conducted for the period of six days and participants were PLHIVs and some representatives from respective district Councils including CHACC, DACC and CBHCO.
Mbeya zone Treatment advocate training was conducted within15 clusters, which includes Makambako TC, Makete DC, Mafinga TC, Ludewa DC,Iringa DC, Songea MC, Sumbawanga MC, Rungwe, Mbeya CC, Njombe TC, Kilolo DC, Iringa MC, Wanging’ombe DC, Mufindi DC, na Njombe DC. Participants where representative from District Councils including CHACC and DACC and Cluster Cordination Team and selected Treatment Advocates.

In Dodoma zone representatives from 23 clusters were trained, with participation of representatives from District Councils, specifically CHACC and DACC. In Mwanza zone, representatives from 15 clusters were also trained with participation of CHACC/DACC from District Council. The trainings were similar with other zones, and participants were requested to be good ambassadors in their clusters towards HIV response.

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