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At NACOPHA, advocacy is at the heart of our mission. We work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of people living with HIV are heard and their rights are protected. Through strategic campaigns, policy influence, and community mobilization, we drive positive change and address the critical issues facing our community.

Our Advocacy Efforts:

  1. Policy Advocacy:

    • We engage with policymakers and government officials to influence legislation and policies that impact people living with HIV. Our goal is to create a supportive legal and policy environment that ensures access to healthcare, protection against discrimination, and the upholding of human rights.
  2. Public Awareness Campaigns:

    • We conduct nationwide campaigns to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, combat stigma, and educate the public. These campaigns are designed to change perceptions, encourage testing, and promote healthy behaviors.
  3. Community Mobilization:

    • We empower communities to advocate for their rights and needs. By providing training and resources, we help individuals and groups become effective advocates within their communities.
  4. Youth Engagement:

    • Our youth advocacy programs focus on educating and mobilizing young people. We believe that youth are powerful agents of change and play a crucial role in the fight against AIDS.
  5. Partnerships and Alliances:

    • We collaborate with local and international organizations, coalitions, and networks to strengthen our advocacy efforts. Through these partnerships, we amplify our voice and expand our reach.
  6. Research and Data-Driven Advocacy:

    • We conduct research and gather data to support our advocacy initiatives. This evidence-based approach ensures that our campaigns and policy recommendations are grounded in solid research and real-world insights.

Our Achievements:

  • Successfully influenced the inclusion of HIV-positive individuals in key decision-making processes at national and regional levels.
  • Launched impactful campaigns that have reached millions, promoting awareness and reducing stigma.
  • Empowered numerous community groups and individuals to advocate for their rights and access to services.

Join us in the fight against AIDS.

Patner with us!

We invite organizations and stakeholders to join us in our mission to support and empower people living with HIV in Tanzania. Together, we can achieve greater impact and create lasting change. To explore partnership opportunities, please contact us at