Our Strategy

As a Strategic Plan, it states the Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives of NACOPHA and the Strategies that would be adopted for their attainment within the life of the Plan. It is expected that, this will provide direction and help the Council to attain its objectives for the benefit of the all PLHIV in the country.

The Vision represents NACOPHA’s ultimate goal while the Mission represents the set of current activities intended to drive the organization toward the Vision. To accomplish the Mission, a set of Objectives has been defined together with Strategies for their achievement.

We coordinate efforts and contributions of the PLHIV in responding to HIV challenges. Strategically, we have five priority areas; Advocacy, Capacity Building, Community Engagement Coordination, Research Monitoring and Evaluation, Management and Governance.

Our organization has a national reach working through established districts PLHIV clusters, PLHIV support groups and other members spread in those particular areas. We collaborate with other PLHIV networks and Community Social Organizations (CSOs) in the national HIV response. NACOPHA will strive to implement its objectives through the following strategies:

The intention of this Strategic Priority is to:-

Enable NACOPHA establish a strong base of active network organization members that would serve as the implementing arm of the PLHIV programs and activities in the country

Enable the creation of active clusters (councils) in all districts in the country that would serve as the coordinating arm of NACOPHA at the districts level.

To facilitate a transparent and meaningful engagement with PLHIV organizations and representatives in HIV response around the country

The intention of this priority area is to:-

Capacity Promotion

Promote capacity of members PLHIV organizations and representatives to respond effectively to changes in the impact of HIV/AIDS


Enable NACOPHA membership to have capacity to work in partnership with other stakeholders to achieve best possible outcomes of their programs.

The intention of this priority area is to:-

Mechanism Creation

Create mechanism and basis for the development of sources for internally generated funds of the council

Capacity Promotion

Promote capacity of the council to identify and develop programs designed to make NACOPHA self-sustaining in long run


Improve the level of financial control and management of the council