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USAID and Hilton Foundation Visit to Support Children Living with HIV

In a concerted effort to reach communities with children facing various challenges, including HIV/AIDS, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in collaboration with the Hilton Foundation, conducted a significant joint visit with stakeholders implementing HIV/AIDS and children’s interventions. Among these stakeholders were NACOPHA, Pact Tanzania, CRS Tanzania, and CSSC Tanzania.

The visit took place at the Jitegemee group, located in Songwe Region, Mbozi District. This group has exemplified how communities can self-manage and bring about development by collaborating with people living with HIV (PLHIV). The delegation from USAID and Hilton Foundation had the opportunity to witness firsthand how community members have thrived and continued to improve their lives despite the health challenges they face.

During the visit, group leaders showcased various projects aimed at enhancing the lives of children and youth living with HIV. These projects included education on infection prevention, healthcare services, and psychosocial and social support programs.

Additionally, the USAID and Hilton Foundation delegations had the chance to speak with community members and listen to testimonies about their successes and the challenges they encountered. This interaction provided deeper insights into areas that can be strengthened to further improve the services provided.

Overall, the visit was highly successful and left a positive impact on the hearts of the community and all the stakeholders involved. We continue to commend the efforts of all partners and encourage further collaboration to ensure that children facing various challenges receive quality services and live hopeful lives.

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