Hebu Tuyajenge

Welcome to Hebu Tuyajenge, a groundbreaking 5-year project implemented by Tanzania’s National Council of People Living with HIV (NACOPHA). This transformative initiative is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Tanzania through comprehensive support and empowerment.

Hebu Tuyajenge aims to address key challenges faced by PLHIV, with a primary focus on increasing the utilization of crucial HIV testing, treatment, and family planning services among adolescents and PLHIV. By fostering a conducive environment for PLHIV empowerment, strengthening the capacity of PLHIV organizations and structures, and engaging the beneficiaries themselves in the project’s design, implementation, and monitoring, Hebu Tuyajenge seeks to create sustainable change at both the individual and community levels.

The guiding principle of “nothing for us is possible without us” underscores the philosophy of Hebu Tuyajenge. We firmly believe that the active participation and involvement of HIV-positive individuals and groups is essential to driving meaningful progress in the HIV response. By ensuring the voices and experiences of PLHIV are heard, valued, and respected, we aim to develop interventions that directly address the unique needs and aspirations of those affected by HIV.

Through Hebu Tuyajenge, we are empowering PLHIV to become catalysts of change in their communities. By equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need, we aim to foster a sense of agency, self-confidence, and resilience among our beneficiaries. This approach not only promotes the uptake of vital HIV-related services but also strengthens the social support networks available to PLHIV, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

Our multifaceted project encompasses various activities and interventions designed to achieve its overarching goals. These include awareness campaigns, community dialogues, peer support groups, training programs, and advocacy initiatives. By mobilizing PLHIV at the grassroots level, Hebu Tuyajenge strives to dismantle stigma, discrimination, and misconceptions surrounding HIV and create an inclusive society that supports the rights and well-being of all individuals affected by the virus.

As you explore this website, you will discover inspiring stories of resilience, hope, and triumph from PLHIV who have benefited from Hebu Tuyajenge. You will also find information about our project’s partners, resources, and opportunities to get involved. Together, let’s build a future where HIV is no longer a barrier to a fulfilling life, but rather a chapter in the journey of strength, resilience, and empowerment.

Join us in this transformative endeavor. Together, we can create a society where the voices of PLHIV are amplified, their rights are protected, and their dreams are realized. Hebu Tuyajenge – Let’s Discuss Constructively.

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